Thursday, 7 July 2016

Week 5, Sarawasti Shala - 5th day

Starts: 4.40 AM
Ends: 6.20 AM

Pain: well, where should I start..... of course knee and as of this morning pain in the right sit bone.

Was it a good practice: YES!

There is something addictive when you have a regular practice. Before I used to practice 3 to 4 times per week, sometimes the full primary series, sometimes flow and other time Hatha.

Since April 10th I am practicing 6 days a week only the Primary Series.

There are a lot of changes in my physical body. On the first 2 months I gained weight, my upper body was bigger, my hips were wider and so were my thighs. 

My hamstrings were the first suffering which was really surprising me as I used to practice and I thought that I was already flexible enough... well I was wrong.

I directly start the regular practice with John Scott, we were taught the primary series with full vinyasa. At that stage the Primary Series itself was quite challenging for me but adding the full vinyasa was over the top.

After the second week of it my stamina was coming slowly but surely. 

As of today I am not practicing the full vinyasa during the Mysore class at Saraswasti shala and not one is doing it. Just what I call baby vinyasa after each side.

After 3 months my body is changing again. Muscles are getting refine, spine getting more straight, hamstrings definitely more flexible, lower back more open, upper body more flexible and all twisting are way much easier than 3 months ago.

The only problem I am facing are my knees, because now the two knees are very painful and the left one is completely out.

I would be very down if someone tell me that I should stop to practice because of my knee.

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