Wednesday, 22 June 2016

June 22nd - What a gooood practice / David Roche, KPJAYI

Starts: 4.45 AM
Ends: 6.30 AM
All series

I have added some full vinyasas at the beginning of the sitting postures then I stop to do full when at Janu Shirshana.

The bad new is my knee, specially the left, does not want to bend properly, painful...

The good new is the all series become easier and easier. Breathing okay, hamstrings perfectly fine, focus 200% and smiling while practicing.

I have added 2 more weeks to my practice so I will be finishing on July 23rd. I have also bought a new yoga mat and a mat for my yoga mat. Tomorrow I will try both of them, I still really love my former yoga mat but my "yoga blanket" bought at Purple Yoga Valley is sliding so not very convenient during the Vinyasa....

I will be flying to France on July 26th then back to India by October. I hope, I would be able to continue my regular practice on my own, it will be slightly challenging as I will be teaching on August, but if I keep the 4.30 AM practice then it completely possible.

Also I would like to practice in New York when I will be there on September. 

Even though my knees are painful I am 100% hooked to the Ashtanga practice.

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