Tuesday, 28 June 2016

2nd Day, Week 4 - KPJAYI David Roche

Starts: 4.45 AM
Ends: 6.30 AM

I was distracted today as the lady on my left side was practicing the secondary series, I was amazed by her grace, she was so light, no sound, beautiful body move, all asana done perfectly without forcing, strong and flexible. I could have stop my practice just to watch her moving.

It is then useless to precise that I was not focus at all. I was practicing physically but without awareness of what I was doing. Of course I start comparing me to her, well first of all she is probably 10 years younger than me, she looks fresh, and I do believe that she has been practicing as well for the last 10 years so there is no comparison at all between her an me, I would never become her and I would never have her level of practice. 

And beside she is one of the assistant of David Roche, I like her very much.

I have been adjusted in Baddha Konasana and really like it, I first thought that my knee will not be able to handle the adjustment but it did and all my torso was down the floor. 

I did not feel any pain in my body as I am practicing variation for my left knee so it was a good practice after all.

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  1. So difficult not comparing yourself with others...