Saturday, 21 May 2016

May 21st, beginning of Week 7

Duration 1h40
Added Asanas: Dhanurasana & Bekasana
Improvement: Hand stand and Shirshasana without the wall

It was a good practice. However my mind is still not stable. That is mainly my problem, while I was practicing I was practicing just Asana and not Yoga as I could not be in the present moment, so basically I was just on automatic mode. Sometimes I was able to concentrate on my breathing but most of the time I was out of my mat, even in the asana during the 5 breathes my mind was flying away....

Instead of wanted improvement into my physical practice I SHOULD STABILISE MY MIND. If I don't do it then there is no Dharana and so I am only practicing a physical exercice that's it.... I need to focus and be there. Today it was really obvious for me, at the end of the practice I felt good because of the physical exercice but not because I practiced yoga. 

This is not the way "Yoga" should be done. I need to work more.

And beside tomorrow is the full moon and on the top of that I got my period.

So no practice for the next two days...


  1. Very nice blog! I also started with ashtanga some weeks ago, even start to like it even though it's always the same asana's.

    But why do you judge yourself in these blogposts? And why are you so harsh to yourself? ("I need to work more"). Isn't yoga not going with the flow and taking things (and yourself) as they are?

  2. Namaste René,
    Thank you very much for your comment. That is exactly my point. As a Teacher people think that we know better and believe that we know everything. I wanted to show that no one is perfect and even though we are call as "Yoga Teacher" we are all on our path of understanding Yoga.

    "I need to work more" is all about Tapas (discipline) and it is not something that comes easily. If you want to follow Tapas to yourself in your daily life it needs a little work from within. By practicing asana we are learning a lot about ourself, how can we teach something if we do not apply it to our daily life, it is my own path, I wanted to be honest by applying Satya (Truthfulness).
    Also I could have write a blog about beautiful practice and beautiful achievement without mentioning anything that has to be done to achieve it, I'd rather wanted to explain how the seed is growing. It is like when you see a picture on Instagram of a beautiful asana that look complicate to "perform" for some people this is this is their personal achievement and Yoga becomes the most beautiful and easy things to do, however it is important also to explain to people that before clicking it a lot of things went on. To be able to go with the flow and taking things as they are and as they are coming your mind has to be peaceful and I am very happy to notice that every day it is getting better and better, but the Path is not only covered of unicorns and flowers ;-)

    Have a great day and looking forward to meet you!