Tuesday, 10 May 2016

May 10th, 2016 - Evening Practice

I just did a couple of Sun Salutation and worked on my hand stand, jumping back and jumping front. I feel it is coming. I did not use the wall at all as I do believe I have to go over my fear of falling down, the result is a bit tragic. My left leg goes up and my right leg is too shy to meet the left one.

By "mistake" sometimes my pelvis is moving forward but as I feel it is moving I got scared so back to an horizontal hand stand... it is kind of pathetic.... 

I practiced the backbend such as Ustrasana going completely down, however I can not bring the elbow on the mat, only my hands, I guess I need more space into my thoracic so I push the floor with my hands on the floor, contract the gluteus and try my best to bring my pelvis up as it is completely collapsing when I am bending backward.

However Bekasana went well, no pain at all in my knees which what a very good surprise to me.

Bhujangasana slowly but surely is really improving, now I can keep my 2 legs completely glued together and working with an internal rotation of my femur bone toward the mat. It is really helpful in order to keep my pubic bone on the floor.

Hopefully tomorrow morning I will have light practice.

- To be continued -

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