Wednesday, 28 June 2017

See the glass half full or empty

There is something that I have learnt by practicing Ashtanga Yoga with different teachers and meeting dedicated practictioner is that there is no place for self pity, all Ashtangis I've met and spoke with have met obstacles on their yoga journey.

I am not saying that you SHOULD continue to practice if your have an injury. It is your call wether you stop or wether you try to adapt your practice.

The advice I have received is to take care and to adapt my practice, which I am doing. Furthermore I am not stopping my practice but I do it differently.

Self pity can be very poisonous. Because the only thing you think about is all about what you were able to do before your injury, so you are in the past instead of the present moment trying to analyse what else should be done to improve the practice.

For instance all forward fold from the left side is not happening, no problem just stay there and keep a flat back without pushing forward.

Take more time in the Chaturanga Dandasana working the shoulders strength, enjoying each inversion and back bend, trying to hold longer time all arms balance during transition, working more the core during Navasana, enhancing the lift up and jump back.

I took the decision to glorify my practice by improving all things I thought I had acquired. 

I took the decision to see the glass half full.

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