Sunday, 2 April 2017

Tropical morning rain - Full Vinyasa Practice!

My body was slightly stiff this morning. So after Purvotanasana I decided to practice with full vinyasa.

Sweating, sweating and cleansing :-)

Tropical rain - absolutely loving it!

After all I am practicing on my own so better to give the best of me. On the contrary it did not exhaust me, I had more and more energy has the rain was pouring, thunderstorm hitting the sky and practice was wet from both rain and my sweat.

It was a good practice and surprisingly did not go over 2 hours as expected.  

This morning I really emphasis about the jump back and jump front which are getting better but are still heavy.

Supta Kurmasana is still by black beast. I can lift my heels from the floor in Kurmasana but still can not bind on my own on Supta Kurmasana.

I am trying everything, starting from the bending led on my shoulder then bending forward, did not work - balancing from one side to other side trying to glide my shoulders below under my knees, did not work - bringing my knees closer to my ears as I am bending forward in Kurmasana, did not work - bringing and rotating my arms more in the middle of my back, did not work neither...... after all of this my lower back was screaming, I was not breathing properly anymore but was not getting pissed off...... I am more in resignation mode regarding this asana.

The full vinyasa helped me to release my lower back as I was staying 5 breathes in Adho Mukha.

Supta Kurmasana why are you here? what are you? what should I learn from you? I have no clue....

Will see tomorrow....

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