Friday, 28 April 2017

A flexible body equals a flexible mind

I might be a baby ashtangi considering that I have celebrated my one year of Ashtanga practice but I have been practicing yoga since the last 10 years. However by jumping from one style to another I never really enjoy any changes into my daily life.

I was practicing and teaching Pilates, daily swimming and jumping from Vinyasa Yoga to Flow classes to Hatha Yoga to Bikram.

The fact is by repeating daily the same sequence in the same order with a proper breathing had a huge impact on my physical body and on my mind.

It reminded me when I was doing dancing class as a teenager for the all year we were repeating the same choreography, once one part was learned adding new moves until the all set was about a 10 minutes dancing "show".  Then at the end of the year we were showing our work to the school and as it has been rehearsed billion time it was effortless. I remembered I was rehearsing at home and doing daily the floor bar exercices and I was getting really good to it.

That is the same with Ashtanga except that the sequence is slightly harder then the dance moves.

I think in all kind of Yoga we can create our own sequence that fit us and repeat it daily until the body completely absorbs the asanas and get ready to add more postures.

The secret is the repetition and of course a lot of Tapas (discipline, not the spanish appetiser).

Therefore the mind is not disturbed but more focused and it really helps for the rest of the day and probably for the rest of your life as well!

That was my thought of the day ;-)

Week 3 of April with Iain is done, time flies here. One more week and then back to Europe for 3 weeks before coming back to Canggu on June.

More practices to come, more benefits to get, more knowledge to learn, more flexibility for my mind and my body.

Have a great day!

- Namaste -

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