Monday, 20 March 2017

Opening the chest and shoulders

The beautiful thing practicing here with Mannu is we are a small group, but I do believe that in the next 12 months Mannu will be probably in need of a bigger shala. Therefore there are more adjustments and more indications.

Today he adjusted my Supta Kurmasana, I never had this adjustment before, I think he was sitting on my back and it felt so great, no pain at all, I really like the adjustment.

Regarding my backbend he explained me how I should be opening more my chest, that is very special to me because I knew I was not working properly with my upper body but due to my laziness I never ever really focused on it.

As a result my shoulders are very painful right now, which means that for the last months I have been working with a chest slightly closed. So this is my mission for this month, opening my chest and my shoulders.

It was definitely a very good practice.

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