Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Practice after Sharat.....

Still going on. I have been practicing daily, taking the Sunday off. I have changed my practice from early morning to an afternoon session as mornings were getting colder. However this morning because of the heavy rain I woke up at 3.35 AM and therefore start my practice at 4.30 AM. And it was a good one, actually it was better than the evening practice as I was more focus. The difference with the evening practice is my body is more flexible which is good but my mind is everywhere as for the morning body is less flexible but still in a good shape but the mind is completely relaxed.

I have done 100 stroke of Kapalabathi, I need to practice Pranayama, I don't know if I did good by practicing it like this but it felt good.

Then I practiced Nauli and finished with Nadi Shoodi.

In the end it was a full 2 hours practice. I am doing half full Vinyasa: means that I am doing one side half vinyasa then when the other side is finished I do full Vinyasa. I have been doing this since I stop at Sharat.

Also I have been following the FULL PRIMARY SERIES and, OMG, have upgraded myself to three new asanas such as Bekasana, Dhanurasana and Ustrasana which I am practicing before Urdhva Dhanurasana. And it feels great!

I don't have any pain in my body, all Chaturangas are flowing, I stop to focus on my jump back and jump front at one point it will flow as well. I do feel great.

I have started taking pictures of my face before daily practice and after practice for the last months and there is a huge difference in my eyes. In first picture I looked pissed off while I was not and now my face looks more peaceful. Also my relationship with others has drastically changed. I am calmer. Big changes start to happen, by December 10th it is exactly 8 months that I have committed myself to the daily practice of the Primary Series and in 8 months a lot of changes occurred physically and mentally.

 I am happy :-)

- Namaste -

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