Wednesday, 30 November 2016

So close to Supta Kurmasana... but still not grabbing it!

December will be calmer, right now we are in the middle of students going home and new students coming in. For tomorrow my practice starts at 6.00 AM, I am still in the same group.

I met 2 French practictioner but they are living today.... 

I have reached my final point which is Supta Kurmasana, still not grabbing at all so I stop there. The rest of my practice however is absolutely awesome, improving a lot my jumping back and jumping front, a lot of strength and stamina are in my body now. Only my concern right now is my lower back. Really painful.

I have been adjusted in Kurmasana, not really an adjustment but the assistant push my torso gently down on the floor, at first I thought it was not a good idea but I did not feel any pain in my lower back, on the contrary it was really nice.

I don't know how to translate this pain. Is it the beginning of a bulge disk? Hernia? I do not have paint in the sciatica and when I do some backbend it is not painful either. During the forward fold I can feel it but it does not stop me practicing. So I am wondering if this something that I am opening or if it something damaging my back.

The same I was in huge pain about my knee now it is all gone, no more pain at all into my knees. So does that mean that the pain in the lower back is something that should happen and not something that is bad for my body? Have no clue.

Will continue the practice and see what will happen.

  - Namaste -

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