Sunday, 18 September 2016

Led Primary Series - Eddie Stern, Yoga Brooklyn New York

Starts: 9.30 AM
Ends: 11.30 AM with pranayama
Only 8 Sun Salutations

It has been 3 full weeks since my last practice. This morning when I woke up, no jet lag. 

Practice was actually really good, I can feel that I have lost some flexibility but it will come back soon, however Kurmasana was good, no pain at all in the lower back of at the back of my legs.

Left knee was easy to deal with, so far it is not painful at all, will see tomorrow.

Eddie Stern is smaller that I was thought ;-)

We did a pranayama at the end, a baby Nadi Shodi, 5 to 6 breathing with the left nostril then close then same with the right nostril.

For a come back it was really good, will see how my body will react tomorrow morning. I will go back to the Mysore Class starting tomorrow and this until the end of the week.

Then Sharat by October 5th, 2016. Happy!

- Namaste -

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