Friday, 27 May 2016

May 27th, 2016 - I am in Ooty...

Okay so I am on holiday but still I manage to practice this morning. I did 24 Sun Salutation A and then.... I practiced Pilates, yes I indulged myself with Pilates because I wanted to work more my core and also my body was not fully warm up. I am used to practice in hot temperature and here in Ooty the weather is more continentale, 20°, so I did not feel the flexibility coming easily and beside I wanted to do something else than the Primary Series.

So is this practice is counting ? I will say yes, why not? Yes I did not practice the Primary Series but at least this morning before doing any else and enjoying my self I have unfolded my mat and I was practicing.

And I do believe that right now my body is in need of core centering, it has been ages that I did not practice Pilates and it is essential for my balance, so this week I will practice Pilates and reinforce my belly and my back.

I am Happy to do so! And I do believe that on June when I will be back to a regular practice with Saraswathi in Mysore it will be very helpful for me.

Also I am not judging Yoga at all but to be fairly honest I never hurt myself while practicing Pilates whereas with the Primary Series I have to admit that I have hurt quite few parts of my body. I did not recover everything starting from my twisting meniscus last January at BNS Iyengar Shala but still there is improvement. Pilates is healing my body and it will be all the best for further practice. 

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