Saturday, 20 October 2018

Why Ashtangi teachers do not provide any invoice?

Next month, actually in 3 weeks I am traveling back to Asia to practice with Iain Grysak and Sharat as well, as he will be there end of November for six days of practice.

I have to admit, that the organisation for Sharat in Bali is slightly unorganised, I have paid, still waiting for the invoice to come..... I do believe when you organise something for Sharat wether you send the invoice or not you know people will come right? so there is no need for them to worry about it; if you are not registering for it others will do.

I don't understand that point. I am working on my own, I do have my own company, when a student is registering to one of my program I do send an invoice. However in the Ashtanga world with "famous" teacher it seems that they just don't care, when you ask for an invoice, they first ask you to pay. Then eventually you will receive the invoice, I need it as I want to pass it as expenses fees..... but those people they just don't care.

I had the same issue for a retreat I want to do in Nepal with Mark Robberds. I asked for an invoice regarding the registration fees and even thought I finally got it, it was not that simple.

I am just wondering how do they manage their accounting, or maybe they just don't, but I do believe when you are willing to pay a certain amount of money for a week of practice, the invoice should be mandatory. While actually what is happening, those teachers are just sending you the link where to pay, without any mention of any VAT. Maybe I am not enough yogi, but this way of doing I just don't agree.

When I registered 2 years ago to a David Swenson workshop in Sweden, I had to ask thousand times the yoga studio in order to get the invoice. Even thought you are asking them nicely, with the name and address they just don't send you the right information. What I feel is that invoice annoyed people, a lot!

There is absolutely no problem for them to bill you an excessive price, that you will pay because you want to practice with that particular teacher, however how many of us will pay 600€ without any invoice? well yoga practitioner!

If you buy something in a shop, you will ask for an invoice right? or you will get the invoice as it is the general rule.

Well in yoga world you just don't, it seems that it is not the rule, when you start asking for it then you become the annoying person.....

Once of the worst thing that happened, I wanted to attend a full intensive with Simon Borg in Bali. And the price was quite expensive, so I have decided to take without food and accommodation, and surprise surprise, the place was charging extra fees per day for students for those not taking the accommodation and food !!! and even thought you had to pay something like 20$ per day it was not including the food !!! so basically I was asked to pay a fine for not choosing the food and accommodation...... of course, I did not register at all as I had the feeling it was only a matter of money making.

I am slightly disappointed by all of this, when you see big name of Ashtanga selling their retreat in some place, where you have to pay the registration fees through wire transfer and the rest in cash once onsite ! so basically you have to travel with 1000€ or more in order to pay your workshop with a big smile to a teacher that okay you really like, but in some way that is not very clear with accounting.......

I am paying my taxes, I am billing all my courses, retreat and training programs (because yes I am a bad teacher selling YTTC), and I want to keep my integrity as well on my financial and personal things.

Some of those teachers are blaming the modern yoga, shaming yoga courses, praising their lineage but in the end some of them are not better than anyone, it is just about money.

Continuing education is expensive, however I do not see myself stop doing it, I need to practice with others teachers, teachers that I am admiring for their practice and knowledge, but sometimes I am disappointed by the way they are handling their business.


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